dealsjamo s 426 hcs 3 wenge 5-piece home theater…


A quick once-over reveals these operate at 6Ω, unlike a lot of home theater equipment. Adjust your receiver accordingly. Initially when I saw this I thought these were the kind of speakers sold out of the back of a van, but they check out pretty well.


Most modern receivers are stable to 4 ohms as long as 4 ohms is the nominal.

They're not great speakers but for the money this is an amazing deal on what is actually a midfi speaker brand.

I'm a bit of a speaker snob myself. My home system consists of Martin Logan electrostatics for front/center and my rear speakers are PSB Imagine S's.

Prior to buyin the ML's 2 years ago I was seriously considering Jamos. I would buy these for the bedroom buy I already have a full surround set of Hafler speakers for it. Yesterday these were $169 for the set. Now they are $129. Crazy good deal on what should be a $300+ set.