dealsgame of thrones lifesized throne for $29,999.99


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Thanks for letting us know the shipping amount. It seems important when deciding if this is a good You get an upvote for the consideration shown!


This is the regular price, not a deal


It is in stock though, so I wouldn't take the chance of waiting for a sale or getting it in the woot-off. I'd hate to have to wait for my throne


Not a deal. tattled.

go ahead, downvote


@grimor: @wickedd365: I think the 29 people who upvoted would disagree with you. Maybe the mods wont, but the people have spoken.


One should never be comfortable while searching for a deal.


I take what is mine. I pay the iron price.


That shipping price is bogus, I just ran the information through UPS Freight and it was ~ $723.00 to ship from Boston to Phoenix (not sure where they are located but used this as an example). Seems they want to add some serious handling charges on their chair.


I don't understand why this is $30k..... its fiberglass...really? I think you could cast the whole thing out of actual iron, hand paint it, and have it shipped for the same price. Anybody buying this is going to want it there forever, so no big deal on the extra weight, right?


Under the category "Essential Gear" of course.


can I get the whole dining-room set?


Do the legs kick up like my Lazy Boy? I'd kick in another $1 or so for that feature.


@bendd: Yeah, I was going to say, I could make this myself and cast it in resin or concrete for a couple grand, or in bronze for maybe a third or at most half what they are asking.



What kind on pansy wants to sit on fiberglass? Give Us an Iron Throne!!


I concur with the others. (@bendd @ralioth )
For that price, you should get all the cheap swords they sell at Renfests across the country and melt them into a real iron throne...or maybe stainless steel, anyway.

j5 j5

I call shenanigans on "I could make this myself" until pics are provided.


It shocks me how many people cannot just have FUN with a posting like this.


Big deal. You can buy a porcelain throne for about $100.


Yes, Christmas is coming early this year oh yeah!!!! Just in my budget too...for the next 50 years.


@lotsofgoats: I haven't ever made anything that big, but I have made 6 desktop bronze sculptures and 2 aluminum sculptures, plus any number of works in polymer clay, plaster and concrete sculptures. My largest bronzes are about 18" tall, a pair of fairies with stained glass wings. I have done quite a few 18"x18" bas relief pieces for people's yards. The principles for larger works are the same, you just have to be mindful of reinforcing structural weaknesses with rebar in a large concrete work and keeping it as hollow as possible to keep the weight down in bronze. In bronze a thing this big would be an installation piece, though. I am not a professional sculptor by any means and my results would be rough looking, but then so is this piece. It isn't exactly a Michelangelo. I have complete confidence that I could make a credible replica of this thing.


@lotsofgoats: I let my real web page lapse as my art sales have always been face to face, but I got this off an old page I haven't updated in 8 years with some of my older stuff on it. I am an amateur at all my art forms but especially at sculpture as it simply doesn't pay for itself.

My fairy:

I remade the fairy a couple of years ago to correct some anatomical flaws in the first try, mostly that overlong leg which looks worse in this photo than it does in real life. But I haven't made the time to finish the second effort. When I retire...


It's fake and that kills the deal for me. For $30k, I want an actual iron throne.

(Joking, of course.) Not a traditional deal, but I'll file it under cool enough to share for the sake of sharing.

$1,800 to ship though, damn. I've gotta wonder if that includes set up in one's home.


I shall pray to the seven before deciding on this purchase.


ROFL - Still shows in stock! better snap this sucker up fast. Wonder if they can overnight it?

Anyone good at modification? $$$ How much to convert this to a lavatory throne? This would be awesome for the man cave lavatory.


A thrown for the dictator, hey obama take your seat! it wont be for long though!


@moondrake: I can certainly appreciate your talent, but an 18" bronze sculpture is a far cry from 7'2" x 5'5" x 5'11" 350lbs fiberglass replica. It comes off awfully like the builder of a shed claiming he can easily build a house for less than its asking price :P


@lotsofgoats: A house has wiring, plumbing, etc. It's more comparable to say if you built a shed you could build a barn. The person who taught me bronze casting makes life sized equestrian bronzes and other installation sized works. It's the same basic concept, with some adjustments for the structural requirements of the medium. I haven't ever worked in fiberglass, I have heard it is easy to work with but I wouldn't know how to do it. But to make a big piece like this is the same idea as a smaller one. You sculpt the original, generally out of clay for big pieces. You make a mold of silicone rubber. If you are going to make it in bronze you are probably going to make it in several pieces and weld it together. You pour the pieces in wax, clean them up and send them to a foundry for casting. You weld the finished pieces together and do cleanup. If you are going to cast in concrete, you cut rebar to reinforce the larger pieces and pour it in pieces in your molds.


@moondrake: Okay, a barn then. But not one made out of wood.

Anyway, I think we both agree that this $30k novelty item shouldn't be top billings on a deals website :D


@virtual4desires: Wow, offtopic, wrong use of "throne", and detached from reality. Nice job!


Shipping came up $131 for me when I added it the cart and used shipping estimator. That's shipping to Maryland (Metro DC area).


I just like when you're on the front page of right now, you see a nice relaxing "Dream" chair, and then right next to it is the iron throne.

iug iug

This guy is greedy, I can custom fabricate this for $5000 that's a whopping $25,000 less.Contact


$30, problem. I'll just get a second student loan.


Would clash with my Giger dining room set.


I would rather have the Behringer iNuke Boom. Same price, free shipping.


Half anyone's DIY chair projects turn into the Burn After Reading chair.

This is someone that spent weeks on a chair without getting distracted, without creating a mechanized swaying pleasure chair.


Hmmmm......a new car or a big ass geek chair.......think ill take the geek chair.


They had one at GDC in San Francisco over the summer. At the time I didnt understand the fascination. A month and 3 books later, I totally understand the obsession with all the pics taken by EVERYONE and wish I'd done it too...


30k and the thing doesn't even come with a goddamn cup holder.


Remember to offset the shipping cost by using that $10 coupon code ThinkGeeks likes to send in their e-mails!!!


This chair needs wheels, I'm not getting up from it...


This comes with the 3d blu ray set with digital copy right?


If I had the free time to bother with it. I'd be tempted to order it and see what happens. Even though I know it would be canceled since I'm sure this isn't a real item. With my luck I don't want to chance it XD

Wonder if thinkgeek accepts retards or if I could cancel the order before it ships? lol nah not worth it.


Can it be used as a toilet? Make it a real throne!