dealsset of 6 large-sized 14 ounce colored ceramic…


These are NOT "large" size! They are actually pretty small.


@misstwixler: Heh. I came in here to post much the same thing. If you call 14 oz large, you have a severe caffeine deficiency.


I'm laughing at the fact that under "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" there are a bunch of tampons


I agree, these cups are not large. I down voted it for just that reason.


I guess these would not have made it on FRIENDS....f'n Monica


Anyone who needs coffee in blood-transfusion capacities and finds a near-pint cup insufficient is not drinking real coffee, but a tasteless watery dilution common among the English-speaking peoples.
It's a brilliant marketing ploy, though: I wish I had thought of it, instead of merely laughing at barbarians while puckering my lips to espresso ristretto...