dealsvivobarefoot minimal running & casual shoes…


I have 2 pairs of these shoes and they really are well made.

Two things to help you save a little more:

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- Use the code "RETAIL10" for another 10% off an order $50 or more. Just make sure the code doesn't lower the price enough that your $10 credit doesn't work.



Whatever ya do just be sure you prep your feet for barefoot shoes! I have a couple pair of Vivobarefoot collecting dust because my arches just can't adjust.


Before you start running in these you'd better put in some mileage just walking. Gradual is definitely the way to go. These are awesome shoes once you break your feet in though.


I like that they don't have the toes, but I kind of expected the price to be a little more... minimal


Shipping was $7.95 for me, and I'm guessing you don't get free shipping for a return if they don't fit.

I think I'll stick to Zappos and/or Piperlime.


Vivobarefoot are great shoes. I bought a pair a few years ago and I liked them so much I've bought 3 more pairs. Because 2 pairs of them are the only "barefoot" style shoes I own that meet the dress code requirements at work, they get worn every day.

What really impresses me about them is their durability. I was concerned about how well such a thin and flexible sole would hold up to daily wear, but 2 years later, they're going great. Very impressed.