dealszip tips zipper repair for $5.91 + shipping


@danieleg: Not sure if you just rounded it up but I tested it to 32073 and it was $3.97 for shipping.


Two pairs of pants in the car, ready to go to the cleaners guy for new zippers. This totally saved me money (if they work), shipping charge or no shipping charge. Yes!


How does one "simply snip off" the old zipper?


Isn't it the "teeth" not the "pull" that get messed up on a zipper? Does this just realign with a new pull or is it a special pull or how does it work? Site doesn't say.


@levitator: I've found that both can get messed up. The "teeth" can break and so can the pull tab (I have a cosmetic bag that I love with a broken pull tab. I currently have a safety pin inserted into the space where the tab belongs so I can zip the darn thing so I guess I really need to buy this.)

My homemaking tip of the day (I have very few homemaking tips so please enjoy this one) is to always zip up zippers on clothing before tossing them in the wash. This protects the teeth from breaking and the other clothes from getting snagged on the teeth.


Just had a zipper (the pull part) on a jacket break, so this is exactly what I need. Haven't seen these at Joann's or any other sewing store. Saves having to replace the entire zipper. Hope it works good.


OMG, I just realized, I have not lived!!!!!!!


In for one. I have an old coat that I really like, but the zipper is broke. Hope this works.


A similar kit is available online for $9.93 total; essentially the same price, but it's not clear if that kit has multiple sizes (this one seems to have 2 different sizes of zipper head).

So, I'm going with this one.


@joemarfice: These have 3 different sizes as well: Small, Medium, and Large. The metal part of the zipper that you pull on for the Medium and Large are about the same size, but the part that clasps are noticeably different. Hope that helps!


Their web site states $5.91 each or 2 for $11.98....duh....I think I'll take 1 twice.


Anyone else notice at the end of the video it's all original zippers.... I'm all about clothes and DIY repair and for some reason I feel like this is hyped up thing that will be at Big Lots or the 99 cent store soon enough.