dealsdyslexic zombies love brians! - t shirt for $5.99


With an expired security certificate, and a bazillion flash plugins, I wouldn't trust this site with cash, much less my credit card info! RUN from, they are the real ZOMBIES!


Thank you for the info. I had wanted one, but I'll do a search for it to look for other sites or, heck, make my own.


Agree, although according to my browser, their certificate expired only 2 minutes before I went to log in. Myhap I'll check again in an hour. Love the shirt, my son's name is Brian, and I am just dyslexic enjough that I often mistype it as "Brain".


I have bought several things from this website. They've always been very prompt in shipping and all the products seem to work just fine. I have no problem with them, and I'll order from them again.


Ditto no problems with that daily deal in past.


It looks like they've fixed their certificate now!


@ckeilah and @bhess94: I totally disagree. This is a great site. Very reliable and great service. I've been ordering from them from years with no problems. You can actualy call their customer service line during office hours and talk with a real person, too.

BTW, their featured deal today is a mystery box, which we are not allowed to post on DW. I have bought their mystery boxes in the past and love them. Not as cheap as a BOC, but stuffed full of random goodies. I am a sucker for a mystery box and these are the best I've ever gotten.


Thank you to everyone with prior experience on this site for easing my mind! I was hesitant to buy anything from them, but now I feel better about it :)


Just to add on I had to deal with costumer service due to a missing item in my order. They are THE BEST, shipped the item wicked fast.
I bought a few things with the bad certificate yesterday as well. I wish my name was Brian...


I just bought yesterday's box, a bunch of sky lanterns (free!), and the glowy bubbles. Shipping is a bit killer but I am hoping I'll have a bunch of good presents in there. And some bubbles for me.

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@cf: I didn't spring for the box this time (money is too tight at the moment, dang it!), so please let me know what you get!

Did you watch the video about the glowy bubble soap? Almost funny in the overkill, even showed how to open the packets (for those who have never opened packets, I guess), but really looks like fun.


Hmm. I did not watch the video but I am going to do so now. If there is a way to open it wrong, I will probably do it.

I think the last time I had bubbles, they were catnip bubbles. The cats did not like them at all. They seemed to think it was some sort of evil witchcraft going on. Which was actually even funnier, now that I think about it.

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@cf: LOL! Catnip bubbles as evil witchcraft? Now that's a video I'd like to see!


@belyndag: Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with video at the time but it was really funny. They were very weird.

In the box that arrived yesterday were:
1 set of dryer balls (to dry clothes faster)
1 Smooth Away Hair Remover
1 Pink Duffle Bag
1 Set of two Santoku Knives
1 pair of purple leggings, size XL
1 mysterious pink fabric thing -- a scarf?
2 folding fruit shopping bags -- 1 apple, 1 strawberry
1 pair sunglasses
1 Wonder Hanger over the door hanger
1 set of clip-in feather extensions (I think this is TDD's power bracelet equivalent)
1 set of nail polish appliques
1 Twisted Whiskers book

I couple of these things are perfect for people I know. The rest will make good gifts for random occasions or can be BOCced. I was pleased, overall.

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@cf: Fun! I think I have three packs of those feather hair extensions. (Beware! They WILL appear in the next Wootizen BOC!). Glad you enjoyed it. And since there is nothing on the list that I can't live without, I'm glad I didn't splurge this time. (DH really has to find a job!) I'm sure I'll buy another mystery bag soon, but for now I am trying to be thrifty.

Thanks for posting the list!


@belyndag: You're welcome!

I think it was a pretty nice selection but now I'm curious about what would be in a non-mom box. Very addictive, these things are.

Who knows, you may even get some of this stuff in the future.... I like the idea of stuff being forwarded on and forwarded on until it finally lands with someone who actually can use it.

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@cf: I always buy their mystery Christmas stocking deal. TONS of good stuff! The last time I actually paid more for the upgrade, mostly out of curiousity. Lots and lots of stuff. Most of it went into gifts for family and friends. I managed to score enough random but appropriate things to make my own version of Christmas BOCs for everybody!

Addictive, indeed!


Well, I guess I'll have to buy another one. You know, just to see what's in a regular one. I'm sure I won't enjoy it at all.... : )

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