dealsgeorge foreman next generation lean mean 4 burger…


Here on Deals Woot 36.99 + shipping (varies, 10.91 to NC from NYC) Total, $47.90.
Better Deal - ebay = $45.58 free shipping,


This isn't that great of a deal.

You can get this same model for $49 at Amazon (or $46 from the link provided by charliecarroll).

The grill comes up to $46.08 for me after shipping.


@charliecarroll, @hackman2007: The one on eBay is also being offered by J&R.


Does this have removable plates?


Yes- on the removable plates but it is still very easy to clean with a very wet paper towels set in there after removing the food at the moment you unplug it. The water steams up and when it cools a bit, you can use the towel to wipe it up. I had this model for four years and LOVED it. Left it with the ex since he could barely boil water but I will be buying one in the near future.


@marbaulo: How well does this thing heat? Do you think it would do OK with hamburgers?

I'm looking to get one of these in the very near future because my apartment complex does not like regular grills.

Plus I'm one of those people that can barely boil water :)


@hackman2007: It does well with hamburgers/fish/chicken/pork (even bacon). Don't expect a chargrilled finish (like you'd get from an outdoor grille) but it cooks everything pretty well........Heat is definitely not a problem. I've had mine for 4 years after upgrading from one of the smaller versions and am very happy with it's performance.


@cj610: Thanks. I picked one up from Amazon. We will see how it goes.

I'm not very picky on hamburgers (I eat a lot of frozen hamburgers and came from a college that probably used the same), as long as they look like a hamburger, I'll eat it.