dealstwo-sided magnetic dartboard + darts: safe & fun…


I had a similar "dart board" when I was in college. My roommates and I did enjoy the "dard board",

Pros: It''s cheap, it helps pass the time, and it won't make holes in your walls if you miss.

Cons: Since the board is flexible it will cause the darts already on the board to slide or fall off the board when the other darts are thrown. If the darts are thrown really hard, they will just bounce off.


I have one of these, it works a lot better than you'd think it would.. It rolls up, so you need to secure the bottom too so it's not trying to flop back up on ya.. Doesn't take up any space either, which is a plus. (I only paid a few bucks for mine)


Kids received these as xmas gifts one year from an evil relative.

Yes, the magnets are strong. They also make nice round dents in walls surrounding the board when a player misses. So expect damage if your kids or drunk friends are really lousy shots.