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This doesn't include a game. Also, it says it is not available online or for pick'n pull service. You have to go to the store and get it (if it is in stock).


This new Wii isn't backwards compatible with GameCube games. You've been warned...


Last I checked, pre-owned GameCubes were pretty inexpensive. PLUS, you have the BONUS that you can put it on a separate TV. You can play Raving Rabbids while your kids play lame old GC games. :)


@tanios: Unless you have info I'm not aware of, I think you're confused.

Are you sure you're not thinking about the upcoming WiiU (which isn't out until some time in 2012)?

This deal isn't for the WiiU, which is not backwards compatible to the GameCube, but is backwards compatible to the original Wii.

This is just a blue version of the same old Wii. As far as I know there are no Wii revisions that break backward compatibility with the GameCube.


Do you need a Sam's club membership to pick this up?


@pyromosh: That's highly annoying. The linked article says that the bundle will include the game. Since this one doesn't include a game, does it mean it's part of the older generation of consoles that plays gamecube games?

I read somewhere that Nintendo has removed the capability to play video DVDs as well? I've been considering buying a used one if that's the case.


@robertey: No this is not part of the older generation. The blue Wiis come with a bundle in Europe. In America they are exclusive to Walmart and Sam's Club and they are the new Wiis branded the "Family Edition". Another way to tell if it is the new or old generation is to look at the orientation of the console. The new one does not come with a stand and can not be vertically oriented.
Buying a used one is probably your best bet. Gamestop still has some older generations; Amazon is apparently sold out. You can buy it through other sellers on Amazon if you want to pay the ridiculous shipping.


The Wii has never played video DVDs unless you modify it in some way (which would void your warranty).


@pyromosh: That's exactly what I did. At one point a system update crippled this until the homebrew guys could find a way around it, and I had heard from some source that seemed pretty reliable (can't remember where) that Wiis would at some point would be made without the capability to play a video DVD.


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: Thx. Amazon ho! My prime membership is getting a real workout.