dealshalloween pumpkin carving templates for $0.00


if you carve steve jobs into a pumpkin, you are a brainwashed loser, and i hope a mischievous teenager puts a boot through it tomorrow night.


@pinchecat: LOL Whoa hey.. Easy there.. What happened to "to each his own" if they want to carve a pumpkin let them be. And why would you give ill will to what ever that pumpkin has on it?

You sir are a Pumpkin racist!


@pinchecat: Someone needs to unplug and go outside. Damn.


@claudicina: Nicely put! They are probably upset because they are to old to Trick-Or-Treat and they don't have kids to walk around with yet. Let alone knowing what Macintosh is ;-)


I think Halloween should be about creepy things. It should give you a little fright. I think this pumpkin does that. I'm freaked out by it.


@mommyleah: A "Macintosh" is something you eat.