dealsrefurbished: samsung galaxy tab 2 (10.1) wifi…


If you're liking refurbished tablets, I'd recommend the Asus TF300T refurb for $260 at Newegg.

Tegra 3 processor in the Asus instead of a dual core. Same screen resolution, same screen size, same RAM & the option of a keyboard dock for additional battery power & storage on the Transformer.


@chudleyone: There are many many many things to consider when purchasing a tablet. Well beyond the screen size, processor and RAM.

Does the Asus have stereo sound with front-facing speakers?
Does it have a SAMOLED-comparable screen for more vibrant color display?
Can it use Wireless N?
Does it have expandable memory?
How is Asus' track record for keeping up with Android updates?
What version of Android is it currently running?
What is the weight and thickness of the Asus?


I have a TF300T. It's very thin and light, has a great screen, has a micro SD card slot and wireless N. I get a new firmware update around once a month and it was one of the first already released tablets to get an upgrade to Jelly Bean. At $260 it is a significantly better bargain than the Samsung.


@criticalcritic: For the casual consumer, they may look & think the Samsung is a great deal, which it is. I like to let those shoppers know there are always options for similar prices.

I've seen very little problems with the Transformer 300's & have had one on my purchase list for a while now. They don't have the metal body issues that plagued the Prime, that's for sure.

All the items you've listed are pretty easily dug up with a search or two so get whatever floats your boat. For $5 less, I feel the Asus is the better deal but that also takes my lousy luck with Samsung products into consideration.


@criticalcritic: Just to avoid confusion, it's worth nothing that only the 7.7" model has an AMOLED display. The 10.1" linked here has a TFT.


I bought refurbished asus from Woot. It had white spot on bottom of the screen and I couldn't charge the battery (the cable worked). So Asus has only 90 days warranty (Samsung- 1 year), the worst customer service and you have to pay for the shipping to them... I ended up returning the tab to Woot and bought this Samsung. I love it. Especially for this price.