dealsphilips norelco g370/ 60 all-in-1 grooming system…


I actually ordered this a couple days ago and it just now arrived. It looks pretty awesome, from what I can tell. Although, it's a bit smaller than I had expected.


i got this exact item from walmart a couple years ago. excellent item. will slice through your hair like any traditional clippers. I also havent charged mine in approx 8 months, and I use it to shave my head to 3/8ths inch once a month or so, as well as using it to shave my face. BEWARE, the adjustable attachment for hair trimming is VERY fragile. 2 of the teeth hve busted off of mine just from normal storage, making it unusable. Thankfully, the beard trimming attachment seems to work better anyways. Great product, highly recommended


I've had this set for over 4 years now. I bought a nicer, plug-in clipper set since then but still use this one for facial hair. It works very well on my beard and had always worked well cutting my hair before I upgraded to a bigger, better set. For $10 it's worth buying. I haven't broken any of the attachments but I can understand how that can easily be done if you aren't careful. It still holds a charge fairly well now even after years of owning it.


Posting from December on the same item. This is a pretty cheap deal, but i personally try to avoid Walmart.

I've had this same set for about 3 years. The foil finally broke about 6 months ago, so I had to buy a whole new set that was only about 17.00 bucks at Target in order to get a new foil. I now have one set and a back up, which is nice. So, from my experience, you're paying between 10-20 bucks for something that'll last at least a couple years, which is a WIN in my book.


$11.77 for me after tax and shipping to home.... pretty good deal