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Very nice deal. Hitachi by WD. Hitachi used to make decent drive, now I'd say they're average.

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Wow, prices are almost back to pre-flood level!


@sbaylus: Prices aren't back to pre-flood level. I bought a couple 2TB drives for this price a year ago. Okay... they were 5400rpm, but still...


@sbaylus @kacia: I second that. I bought two Hitachi 2TB's in May 2011 for $69 each. I now wish I had bought a dozen at that price.

FYI, the best value right now seems to be in the 3TB range, where you can find drives floating around the $150 mark ($50/TB, $20 less than this drive).


I'm not sure if any of you are interested but I found this external 2tb for 90 bucks.It is also usb 3.0 and 7200rpm if you care about those things.


@zollars23: I wouldn't consider 2x prices to be almost. However, according to heuristic reports, production should return by end of year; however, we'll be used to current prices by then so it might not drop