dealszombie outbreak response vehicle kit for $64.95


Ok, now this is pretty cool.


Neat-sounding, but they could have at least made it useful. Planning for the zombie apocalypse can also prepare you for severe weather, etc. As it is, this is just a package of decals for your car.


Love this - but my car is white and they don't seem to offer a color choice.


@ki4rxm: I agree; this is cool and all, but for $65 it would be much more useful to buy an emergency kit for your car to help prepare you against a zombie apocalypse (or for other emergencies..). I bought my husband a "zombie outbreak response vehicle" decal for about $5 on ebay and it makes the vehicle look a little more awesome and not borderline crazy.


@ginbak: An oversight on the site - I noticed all the new traffic so checked out where it was coming from, and saw your comment. We do offer the decals in black as well and I've since updated the item listing (as well as all decals that are white-standard) to offer that option.

@ki4rxm and @kristiwu: While you have a point that it'd be more "useful" if there was real survival gear, we're a decal/banner/vehicle wrap/digital print shop, not a survival gear/hardware retailer :) And while, yes, $65 is a lot more useful (depending on your priorities, and the chance of a disaster striking) spent on a disaster preparedness kit, that won't make your car look really awesome. And, well, we sell "make your car look awesome" kits ;)

You guys are killing my website, thanks for all the attention!

Followup to @kristiwsu: The set includes over 15 square feet of decals. Thats basically a sheet 3' wide by 5' tall. This isnt a tiny sticker set! Plus, don't forget the 15% off coupon :)


Aaw heck, because of all the love I put it on sale through Saturday for $59.95 :)


yeah man i was expecting a brush guard and tail light guards, some spikes maybe, and interior shotgun rack, a med kit, reinforced window panels and tire guards... I'd pay way more that $60 for all that.


it's all fun and games until this handsmear gets you pulled for "for realsies"



@w00tgurl: i meant to say "pulled OVER" ^^ my bad


EEK! To anyone who tried to order yesterday, my sincere apologies. There was a server misconfiguration that basically prevented ANYONE who wasnt using Opera as their browser from checking out. Its been fixed. I'm really sorry about that (believe me, I had over 8,000 hits yesterday!)

We fail at SSL apparently ;)


Haha. This is awesome. Maybe I'll be these car wraps LA just in case there is a zombie apocalypse and that way people will know I'm prepared and not to mess with me. Perfect. No zombie is gonna mess with me!