dealslego the lord of the rings on steam for $7.50…


Steam is the most invasive system I have ever seen in A game I avoid all items that have anything to do with steam.


I have around 300 games through Steam purchased over the last 8 years or so and have only had a couple of (easily resolved) problems during that time (none of them Steam's fault). Steam's convenient and they have great sales. Cons are you have to run Steam to play your Steam games and it works best if you have an always-on internet connection but you can still play most games offline once they're installed.


yep, Steam is the most well-implemented form of DRM I've ever seen. It's the first time that the inconvenience of having DRM, authentication check-ins, and no resale of used games has been outweighed by a good client, great sale prices, hassle-free operation, good download speeds, and just an overall wonderful user experience. My only complaint is that you can't use the same account across multiple machines simultaneously. So when my wife is playing Plants vs. Zombies on the couch, I can't play Bioshock Infinite at the same time -- she'd have to set up her own account and buy her own games, I can't transfer mine to her account.

That said, she's a LotR fan, and likes the LEGO games, so this seems like a good call.


@cabbageloins: You have it exactly right - the pros outweigh the cons. And when something goes on sale that my wife and I both want to play, we each buy it and still come out ahead usually.

I'm up to something like 70 Steam games, counting the stuff I've activated from the Humble Bundles I've bought.


I have LEGO LOTR on steam and overall it's a fun, not to hard, funny game. On the down-side, playing on a keyboard is ackward. The keyboard controls are WASD for movement, UHJK for action buttons, and PL:" for camera movement, along with an occational enter and esc key. I would highly recomment a gamepad controller for this game, but I haven't been able to try one out for it.


I keep a wish-list on steam, and usually get the things I want during a sale for $1 - $5 if I wait long enough. Steam DRM isn't that bad... have the same game installed on laptops and desktops and can play in "offline mode." I consider DRM to be a bad thing overall, but Steam doesn't do it in an abusive way.