dealscube 3d printer - turn your ideas into real…


Love 3D printers - at a glance this one seems to be a tad overpriced though. If you want a 10¢ education on 3D printers go to and search for "3d printer" :)

They can actually be had for $300-500 nowdays.. for the more basic, uglier, DIY ones :D

This one looks pretty promising (for an expensive one):


@drchops: Wow. That really does look impressive. Not open or exposed like some of the other 3d printers I've seen.


@royceeddington: lol that's it's funny you say that.. I was thinking about that the other day: it does look WAY better than the other ones.. infinitely more appealing - but literally almost the only visible difference is the fact it has an orange transparent box around the top :)
Funny how that works.. appearance is everything I guess

But that aside, it really does look like a NICE printer.. hopefully the prices keep coming down.