dealstoys 'r' us 50% off sale


Open 24 hours till Christmas Eve? Yuck.


I went to the Times Square Toys 'R' Us yesterday afternoon, thinking during the work week it wouldn't be too bad.

What a mistake. It was an absolute madhouse. I mentioned it to the clerk, and she actually said this wasn't so bad! I shudder to think what it must have been like during the evenings or weekends...


Any one know if Toys R Us will refund money for an item purchased yesterday and is now cheaper per todays sales ad?


Not everything is 50% off, but there are other discounts, even a TracFone???


@gsosnowski3: They will refund... i done it before.


To the question of a refund, yes I have done it three times this holiday seaso. I made purchases at toys r us and brought the receipt to the store where they refunded me the difference between the old price and the sale price.


@jdswoot: I was hoping this was the case. It was hard enough finding an art easel in and of itself and now it is $10 cheaper. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of buying it at current price and returning using the old higher priced receipt. Some places do indeed make you go through that much work.


@gsosnowski3: They wont if you buy it online. Personal experience from a week and a half ago.


For the online purchase refund: call up your local store and see if they will refund the difference in price. The online people are a-holes and probably dont have as much leeway.