dealsfirefly: the complete series [blu-ray] for $19.99…


Excellent show. I've picked this up for less on previous Amazon holiday sales, but this is still a good deal.


Or you can watch it for free through Prime Instant videos if you have Amazon Prime.


This will be the 2nd time Ive bought the series, have it on Dvd. And ive bought the movie 3 times. Dvd, Dvd special, and bluray. Even though I can stream it for free on amazon prime, this is the one series I feel compelled to send a message about. The best sci fi series ever Imho, and its a shame it didn't even get a full season. Thank God for graphic novels where the story continues.


@hehthuryo: *Amazon Prime subscription required, so it's not really "free" free.
Only free after you've paid.


i just love upvoting this series!

the best ever!!


@farnorth: It saved me 20 bucks, bitter little man. Anyone reading this who has Prime already could watch it without having to buy the dvd or blu ray.


I love Firefly, best entertainment ever. I tried to buy blu-ray but every time (yes, I exchanged the defective sets) the 3rd blu-ray disc wouldn't load - something about Region error...and I have a Multi-region blu-ray player. When you get yours - try the 3rd disc right away.
I sincerely hope it works for you. But I ended up with a 'Black Friday' set of (regular) DVDs (plus several added sets for gifts). Try disc 3 and keep packaging in case you need to return the set...I blame overly zealous copy protection.


@knytfyre: What are the graphic novels called ? Where do I find them ? Firefly had real character development, heck - it was produced/directed by the producer of Avengers...


@hexler: Blu-ray is better quality and includes the commentary.


@thomaswbowman: Noooooo.... "The Avengers" was written/directed by the creator of Firefly.

Get it straight, man.


@thomaswbowman: Have you tried the 3rd disc on different Blu-ray players. I had the misfortune of having a Sony BDP-BX2 that routinely would fail to play some discs that played on my laptop with no problems. PS I updated the bios on the Sony and did all the trouble shooting. Sometimes a disc would play and the next day it would not.