deals3 ft. x 5 ft. american flag with embroidered…


FYI: "Not available in Minnesota": this means the flag was not made in our United States.


$6.99 flat rate shipping.


Something smells like imports here...could just be the website. :(



Of course not. It is harborfreight, after all. (Rest assured that it was made in China.)


@baqui63: It's rare, but I have seen "Made in the USA" labels in a Harbor Freight store before.

Seriously. The Goodyear air hoses and some of the huge air compressors are actually USA made. And I think the paper for the ads are too. But I think that's most of what's USA made there.


I may be able to stomach cheap import doodads, but even a globe-trotting liberal's gotta draw the line at the US flag. I picked up an Annin Tough-Tex US flag from Amazon for 25 bucks, and it's touch as nails -- no fade, no rips after flying 7x24 (yes, lighted, handled properly etc etc) since Obama was elected. Made in the USA, from the same guys that made the US flag planted on the moon. I bought another one last year just in case, but at this rate I'll have to give it to the kids in my will.


Wow! I never knew about this law. Thanks WOOT, I learned something today!


Way to go! If we would do this more often maybe we could get some positive results! I will pay more for 'made in the USA'!


@jjilk: I like the spirit of that law, but I could see it coming down on retailers who were given bad information by their suppliers as well. If a retailer was told that a flag was made in the USA, and it has a made in USA label, but it turns out to have been made in China, is the retailer liable?

Some unscrupulous Chinese factories have been known to fake made in USA labels for their products.


A few bucks more and you can request a flag that is flown over the US Capitol. Guaranteed to be Made in the USA...

I've done this on a couple of occasions. Retirements... Eagle Scouts...


Marge: There are only 49 stars on that flag.
Abe: I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!