dealsbilly idol: white wedding (part 1) for $0.00


Guess I can finally delete that mp3 I got off Napster in 1999.


Well it may be free as they say but you are not going to get it without giving up your cc info. Reminds me of the Carney Buskers when I was growing up and going to the county fair. "Step right up, there is a winner every time". Yeah, Right?


@charliecarroll: ... so? I have got at least 3 dozen free songs from them so far. It is Google. They are not some fly-by-night company that will disappear next week.


@charliecarroll: All I heard was, "Derp!"

Google is not some no-name company. There are things actually worth BUYING from the store. There is no good reason not to give them your CC info, especially if you have an Android device. There are so many incredibly nice Android apps that are actually worth a single dollar, you should have bought at least one by now anyway.


@charliecarroll: I've gotten any number of free songs from them -- samplers and their free songs of the day -- plus I've bought a fair bit from them, as well. I've never had any trouble.


Cool, it's a nice day for this!


i cant wait for part 2 to drop!!!


He looks like justin beiber but not female.


@charliecarroll: Busker vs Carny Barker, learn the difference.