dealscraftsman 24 in. aluminum level for $9.74


Same level is also on sale at but for another $3. Not a bad deal.


@mtm2: DING, DING, DING, DING! You are the winner of the duplicate deal finder for the 24" Craftsman Level.

Saw it after I posted the deal and didn't tattle on myself. Hopefully, you tattled on me and your tattle meter goes way to the right at the expense of my awesomeness edging a little south.

For winning this coveted competition, I bestow upon you 1 enthusiastic golf clap accompanied with an awkward fist bump man hug.


@ack154: I think I'd pay the $3 to sears just to not have to walk into the local KMart. Our KMart is such a dump it makes the local Wal-Mart look like Macy's. It is a total mystery why our KMart was not closed, I fail to see how it could possibly even resemble being profitable.

Thankfully I don't need another level at this moment, I have one in this size, one smaller, and one larger.