dealssamsung 128gb solid state drive (ssd) for $149.99…


"The Samsung 470 comes with a full version of Norton Ghost 15.0, a disk-cloning program that makes data migration much easier. With Norton Ghost's "Copy My Hard Drive" feature, you can copy your entire system to your SSD with just a few mouse clicks. The program creates an exact copy of your original computing environment; there's no need to reinstall your OS, patches, drivers, or other programs. Norton Ghost also provides a Software Recovery Disk service, which lets you easily restore your system if it crashes--even when your OS won't start up. Customizable, event-based backup features provide additional protection against unexpected data loss. "



It's for any PC with a SATA controller. It's a "laptop" kit because it doesn't include a 3.5" bracket, which some desktop PC cases will require.

Good, reliable drive, but the 470 series isn't as quick read/write as the more expensive options. However, at this price range, any platter-based HDD user will notice an increase in performance.

SSDs require certain precautions (like disabling automatic defragmenting) but they're obviously silent and generally offer a reliable service life. This would be an excellent replacement drive for most laptops or a nice OS/frequent game or application drive for a desktop user.


Dont buy that. Get this instead:

149 after MIR. It is twice as fast, and has more storage space.


@l3000c: You mean LESS storage space. But check this out - compare the reviews on newegg between the two. Samsung is the superior drive by far, even if the OCZ is Sata III. I have several SSD's - OCZ, Corsair, Patrior, Western Digital, and Samsung. The Samsung is the highest quality drive in the bunch.


@apitcher4926: OK Samsung representative we believe you...


@silkworm: People are entitled to have a favorite SSD. Doesn't mean he/she is working for Samsung