dealsthe economist magazine (25 issues) for $48.00…


Love The Economist, but this isn't a deal.

A real deal would be excellent though.


The offer isn't loading properly. I have reached out to the merchant.

In the meantime, here is a link to purchase the 25 issue subscription for $67.25:


You can sometimes get this thru the magazine discounters for a year for this price, you just have to keep an eye out. Great magazine, too much to read but fantastic info on the world.


A good economist wouldn't spend $48 on a magazine!


Economists aren't necessarily cheap, and this isn't just 'A' magazine. Economists typically consciously rank-order their preferences according to the the cost vs the benefit derived. Also, the content of this magazine makes it nonfungible, like those bodybuilder or gossip magazines. So IF this magazine's content is (as it should be) highly valuable to a "good" economist, then that good economist may see the $48 as being very well worth it for this magazine.

Though, of course, it would be more efficient to find a better deal! (assuming that time isn't a factor)

But on a lighter note... Haha! Good one!


This is a very expensive magazine usually (see the 25 issues for $67). All my finance and econ profs highly recommeded it (as well as WSJ). Wish it were a legit offer (doesn't seem to exist). I'd be on it.


You can find a 1 year sub for a student rate of $77 (no ID req).


The offer appears to be working as of 8:45 AM CST.


I found a good deal on this magazine using airline mile - which also 'refreshed' the miles.


@jimbrowski: I agree with your profs. I read many an Economist article for school-related work and I usually found myself reading as much of the rest of the magazine as I could as well. It is written from a more Euro-centric perspective and gives a good idea of how others perceive the news of the day. Which is nice, since the U.S. media pretty much sucks at reporting the news without a huge bias one way or the other.

This isn't a great deal, but it is a great magazine and a year at this price would be well worth it.


Can't believe all the downvotes. I hate to sound pompous but this isn't Fortune or Business Week. The Economist is more or less an academic journal not some pulp magazine that tries to combine business and pop culture with page after page of adverts. This is one of those times where you get what you pay for definitely applies.