dealsgamefly - huge year end sale - 50% off (new/used…


YMMV regarding the game's condition. I've purchased some used games from them before and they were scratched up pretty good or resurfaced. Best bet would be to purchase PS3 games (Blu-Rays) or DS carts.


@valianteffort: Yeah...that's just from personal experience on 360(majority) & PS3 games - in the past 3-6months-ish. Plus, I haven't ordered more than half a dozen, so it's not a very broad sample heh.. When you say "scratched" and "resurfaced," do you mean the ones with scratched were repaired/resurfaced? Or you just got 'em FUBAR?

I thought this was a pretty good deal - I'm surprised it hasn't gotten a few more votes...I guess it's kindof a crappy, generic title lol. Maybe an op will come along and magically change it to something better..


Just came across this "guarantee" in the corner just a second ago...

# All discs are pre-inspected and 100% guaranteed
# Original case and manuals in new condition
# Save up to 50% off retail prices
# Get free shipping on all used games


Good deal but if you see a game for sale go through the process quick. I just went to purchase one, had to create an account, enter CC info then when I clicked submit it said item was no longer for sale.


@segafanalways: Yeah...I was gonna say that, but I, sorry man. I had the exact same thing happen to me (twice). I was gonna pick up singularity and wham! It was gone by the time I confirmed my order (and they already had my CC info...I just had to click a couple buttons).

Got K&L2 and PoP for $8, so it wasn't a terrible haul. Plus, in the past couple months these guys have been having a ton of sales, so they've already nickel and dimed my ass enough.


I have purchased many used games from them simply because they are complete with game manuals ect ect. Never had a single issue with any game condition. Just expected disk wear but they all still play perfectly.


Ditto, I am a member and have been purchasing games without 1 single issue


Purchased GT Prologue some time back and it arrived in mint condition.

Also worth noting that the box and manuals will be in brand new condition since those don't get used or shipped out to renters. They just store them somewhere.