deals4 movie tickets & a $100 dining gift card for $50


The supposed "dining gift card" is actually a coupon, which come with more strings attached than a marionette. Proceed with EXTREME CAUTION.


Yeah, I have tried before and they SUCK for a couple. So many strings you wind up not saving a penny. If you have a large party you MIGHT save a little, but skip it otherwise.


Hello, we just wanted to clarify to all customers that Spoonfuls Gift Packages NEVER expire. From time to time our vendors tickets or gift cards may expire at 90 days, 6 months or 1 year. However, if you email us at we will verify the code was never used an immediately issue you new codes.. Thanks... MySpoonfuls Team


Maybe if we post a new sponsored deal today, people won't find all of the comments on this deal from yesterday!


"See any movie, anytime and dine at local eateries and thousands of restaurants nationwide, except on Friday or during the hours you will actually want to eat dinner with your family."


Thank you so much for all the support from Woot users... Hundreds of you again today purchased our gift packages and sent very kind comments us. We understand isn't for everyone and in some cities their coverage is not as srong as others.. We are rolloing out six new gift package after Valentines with a variety of dining options outside of .... Thanks again to the "silent majority" of Woot users who continue to purchase and enjoy our gift packages..

MySpoonfuls Team