dealsroku 2 hd for $54.99 + free shipping


If the above link doesn't work, try this link:, it seems that the short link does change.


Roku is fantastic product. Have mine for few weeks, no look back.


Someone is racking up some Amazon Instant video credits...


If you go to Compare Roku Models on the home page, the Roku 2 XS is being offered for $99.99 with $10 off plus free shipping. That's $89.99 shipped and $5 better than the deal posted here.


@jimmyd103: Oh just noticed that the main banner on the home page is offering this deal. Duh


I'll stick with getting comcast for free.


@digdug18: I'd rather pay $16 a month to Hulu and Netflix and never have to deal with Comcast ever again. It's absolutely worth it to me.


These make a great doorstop.


I have a $69 Sony Blue Ray player, it was on sale at Costco $20 off. Are these things better. I use Netflix and love it. Except one thing.

Does this machine let you stream and hit a button to jump back say 30 seconds. The one thing I hate is that every time I "rewind" I can only stop my machine between 10 seconds back or 8 minutes! Does this machine handle that better.



Don't get the roku, apple tv is way better. I used to have a roku xds and now I have a apple tv it's so sweet and so much better


@markmc27: I have a blu-ray player as well. I thought that was going to solve all my netflix streaming problems. However, that's about all the blu ray player did, it played movies. I had to add things to my instant queue to see them on the blu ray. The Roku let's you search out movies, it fast forwards and rewinds adequately and has many other features that my blu ray player didn't, but it does not play discs. As far as Apple TV, I have no experience with it, I just know it was more expensive. Here's a link comparing to two: . As far as which Roku to buy, I have one of the older Roku HD and a Roku 2 HD. Both are great. The Roku 2 has Closed Captioning which is a great addition because my wife likes to watch British TV, and I cannot always understand those due to the thick accents.


Had to kill the deal. My links got changed again and the links they were changed to do not work. Sorry, I thought it was a win-win deal.