dealshome depot egift card $25 value for $21.00 + freeā€¦


This site looks a little sketchy. Anyone ever make a purchase from dealsucker/dodshops?


@jimmyd103: You can check out through Paypal...I'll admit thought, the privacy policy is not very friendly if you are worried about keeping private information private. They intend to share and compile your data with other companies...

Also the card may take 48 hours to arrive in your Inbox.


@jimmyd103: Sadly, the checkout says that shipping is free and "Electronically" but today I received a shipping confirmation for a physical gift card to my home.
So, I DO NOT recommend dealing with this site since they clearly can't even manage their own sales correctly and the privacy issues are of high concern!

This should have been a simple and quick transaction! I recommending passing on this and anything else php2b posts here since they are the managers of the sales...Credit cards are charged in their name.


@wootmatthew: you supposed to receive your egift card to your EMAIL already, exactly as advertised. All eGift cards are shipped ELECTRONICALLY.