dealsweiita sparker cree xml t6 led 600 lumen…


Never buy from dailysteals. They products and customer service are of low quality. They lie and cheat their customers all the time. Buyer beware.


I avoid Dailysteals,way too many problems.


This is about the limit (dollar-wise) of what I would buy from DailySteals (previous bad experience). I wasn't able to find this exact flashlight for a review but after looking at other Weiita lights, it appears to be hit and miss on the lithium battery working and craftsmanship is lacking a bit as well.

Here is a comparable with some reviews:


Yeah, saw this on Daily Steals and one of the pictures shows examples of the light being mounted on the barrel, the scope, the pump magazine, and the muzzle - all cylindrical shapes. Kinda hard to do that with the supplied Picatinny mount that comes with the light. I've experienced this kind of "deception" of withholding complete information with these guys before. If you don't have a Picitinny rail on your rifle or shotgun, all you have is a flashlight - and you'll need a third hand if you're trying to defend your home from an intruder in the dark. I examine EVERY description on this website before buying since they sent me a "new" graphing calculator without a user manual. Had to get that on eBay.... Makes me feel like their staff is all sitting back and chuckling saying, ["Hey look, we found ANOTHER sucker"].