dealsroundtrip flights across u.s. from $70


"Across the US"? The only flights I see for $70, from FTL to ORL and LAS to LAX. One is not even "across Florida" and the other is a half-hour flight. Talk about false advertising!


thanks for this AWESOME deal woot! :/


I couldn't find one sweet deal for $70 across the US


I can hardly force myself to fly. The security makes me feel like a criminal while my pockets are being fleeced by the airlines that literally have a fee for everything......


On a good day, you can count on Woot! to have only one really crappy deal in their 5 Sponsored Deals. (Why they have need to have any is beyond comprehension.) Most days, it is 2 stinkers. So come on,'s a good day for far!


@ckcarlton: we all still have a hangover from the woot-off that didn't include a BoC


Has Travelzoo ever had a 'good' deal ?