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"Not an Apple OEM product" - So will the lightning cable actually function correctly? I know that the knockoffs are hit or miss. And those that are "hit" usually suck because of improper shielding.

Those interested should have a read of this thread:


Don't know why this has to be OEM. Apple gave permission months before to make iPhone 5 accessories. If I had an iPhone 5, I'd be all over this.


Please be aware this is a Groupon style offer where you are purchasing the offer with a voucher to redeem on the merchants website.


I will never buy from them again. First you have to buy a voucher then sign in again 2 more times. Then create an account and pay $5 shipping. It is very confusing. I say do like Woot. Your purchase method is too complicated and then charge shipping. With woot the shipping is always included so it is like Best Deals company is getting an additional $5. Too fishy for me to have to go through all of this vouchers, and additional shipping.


I don't see how this is a deal. You can find all kinds of aftermarket accessories for $1-$1.50 each on eBay and buy from trusted sellers.


@jwrobertson: The shipping cost is listed both on Deals.Woot and YourBestDeals. Per the "What You Need To Know" section on the landing page, "Shipping is $5.00 payable to merchant."


Just an update that you can use all the power accessories and ear buds with an iPhone 4. You can also use your older 30 pin cable with the accessories. The cables are interchangeable with the power accessories and the ear buds with an iPhone 4/4S.


Too much controversy...I think I'll skip this dealio