dealsfleece throw blanket for $3.24


Works for me. Free store pickup. Mine is about a 5 minute drive from work :)


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If you don't have any use for these, buy a few and donate them to the women's shelter or someplace that will distribute them to kids. Everyone loves a soft blanket, and I have too many...


These dropped to 2.69 in cart for me, all available in my local store. 17.27 for 6 picked up in store.


I just bought some to take to the local rescue mission! Have plenty of blankets at home and I know they can really use them - especially this time of year!!


@superllama7: Thank you. Wonderful idea. I went ahead and ordered all nine available patterns and will donate them to our local Salvation Army Shelter here in town. Price dropped to $2.69 in cart and the Kmart is two miles from my home. Easy purchase. Easy donation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Got a bunch of these, our county's animal shelter is always looking for blankets so that cats and dogs don't have to lie on bare cement or metal in the cages.


Great donation idea. In for ten.


Just ordered again (ordered the last time this was offered). This makes a great donation to the animal shelter!


these were about a dollar cheaper not long ago, they are SUPER thin for blankets, if you're familiar with thin fleece you won't be surprised but they are priced right. Great for stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for people who could use help.

If you have an old blanket or comforter that isn't as thin as a t-shirt though, it would probably do better to give them that, maybe add this for aesthetic value and a warm underlayer.


Great find and perfect for donations. I'll be donating the throws to the animal shelter as well.


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If anyone wants to send these to my deployed unit, let me know. Winter is coming up in Afghanistan...


@trinifawk: Do you think they're good enough? If you need them please tell us how to donate better ones for you guys.


FABULOUS! Thank you soooo much for posting this. I ordered 16 from my local Kmart. I am on the board with the local chapter of Volunteers of America who work with homeless in our area and I'm going to donate some for that, the rest to our local Salvation Army residence program. Thanks for posting!!


In stock for local pickup at mine, and they went into the cart at $2.99; down to $2.69 with code.


Bought one of each color for pick up at my local Kmart. A coworker spends every Saturday night helping the homeless... Warm meals, clothing, blankets, in the summer, cold bottled water, sunscreen. Not even 25 years old and this is how she spends her Saturday nights. Absolutely amazing and something to be very proud of. Will be taking them to her at work tomorrow and she will be so happy! Thank you for posting. ($2.69 each for me, and used some of my shop your way rewards points and got all 9 for less than $20)