dealshooded sweatshirts - solid colored for $5.00


I bought 4 of these the last time around. While the quality of material and overall build is good. The sizes are all over the place. It says that they are sized small. That is only partially correct, One large I ordered is obviously a small, the other large I received was at least a xl. I ordered two xtra large and one of those was perhaps a medium and the other was surprisingly about right, But I ordered it bigger because of the ad suggestion. So it fits no one...

At best you get to choose your colors, the sizing is a crapshoot.

But don't be discouraged. They will be great stocking stuffers.


Ahh the hoodies that china doesn't even want... with a side of lead.


@jdgm3nt4l: At this price, they also make great donations to shelters, especially as the weather gets colder.


@belyndag: Great idea. I may be going near one tomorrow and unless my wife has a better idea that's where the two that fit no one will go. Thanks.


Ordered 3 of these last time. I took the measurements of my favorite sweatshirt and ordered the corresponding size according to their chart - large. 2 White for me and 1 light blue for the lady-friend. Both white are definitely smalls and unwearable. The light blue is too big for the lady but fits me well. Too bad it's baby blue.

I'll pass this time around. I essentially paid $18 for a sweatshirt I don't like and haven't even worn yet.

I will say it's worth checking out the site just for the flash game in the product description!