dealsbarnes & noble nook hd 7" 16gb wifi tablet w…


I want one but don't think I will use it. I barely use my kindle.


I think this is running Android 2.2. Isn't the current version 4.0, or 4.1?

Any way to update these Nooks?


@caisburning: Cyanogenmod! Get a MicroSD card, two programs and about 1/2 hour! Check out for instructions. You can also google n2a and spend a little more $ for a pre-configured card. This is really a great deal AND you can even get a SquareTrade warranty on it.
You have to download the specific build for your device. The blog is a little outdated but the instructions in generally are the same.


@caisburning: N.P. I picked one up. You can find A LOT of help and information in the xda-forums!