deals30% off sitewide at


Awesome find! If someone has a sonicare toothbrush, this is an excellent opportunity to stock up on extra brushheads.


Sweet! I just stocked up on my favorite moisturizer (which also happened to be on sale).


They had a 50% off CVS brand items last weekend and parts of their site crashed. I had over $100 worth of goodies in my cart and couldn't purchase them because I couldn't get to the checkout page! No tech support available over the holiday weekend and no response to my email sent to their customer service dept over a week ago. Probably not going to try to throw money at them anymore.


@ohcheri: Your comment made me think that this was going to be a really great deal (30% off the sale price!). It's giving 30% off, period. Just wanted to clarify that for others (e.g., if you're buying a beauty item that is already 20% off, you're getting an extra 10% off).


@722lad: And I thought I had really scored, thanks for the bubble burst ;-)


The site is crashing again right now. I can't check out my items.


I just checked out using my iphone. The mobile site is up and working.


doesn't look like its working anymore. I found 15coupon code works though for 15% off