dealssennheiser professional hi-fi stereo headphones…


I have a set of these,well worth the price.


in for one. always wanted a pair.


CHEAP PIECES OF CRAP!! I bought my two sons these for Christmas for roughly the same price. BOTH pairs stopped working within a week! (Would only play sound in one ear.) Both Newegg and Sennheiser offered to repair them, but I would have had to pay for return shipping, which was as much as I had paid for them. I chose to spend that money on different headsets.

Not to pimp my own deal, but these work great:

Spend the extra $10 and save yourself some hassle. You've been warned!


For $13, it's worth a shot. In for one!


Unfortunately, a typical problem these days. Reputable companies that used to be high end are releasing cheap crap and hoping their previous reputation will sell it.
RIP, Sennheiser... it was nice knowing you back when you made pro gear.


Even at this price for two or three more bucks you can get the Koss ksc75 at amazon. They have titanium coated drivers that use neodymium magnets. They are known all around audiophile circles for having a big bang for your buck and many people started their collection with them. Both pairs are nice but the hd201's lag behind in sound quality and performance per dollar.


For this price it's a great deal- sennhieser does make the best headphones still, hd659 and up, spend serious money and get serious headphones. I love mine, and the upgraded cord aloe cost half the price of the phones, and then there's the headphone amp, but anyone serious in audio knows these are not accurate or for serious work. They have a use lets not pretend its mastering and realize they are 14 dollars, normally around 22...

If you'd like to talk about "audiophiles" or best headphones come over to gearslutz, this is woot folks...


I snagged a broken pair of these from work a couple of years ago, they're good headphones (for the price) but very cheaply assembled. If you own a soldering iron and have half a clue what you're doing, this deal is a steal.

Honestly, as soon as they come I would open them up and re-solder them, they should last quite some time, I've been using mine for 2 years now.


@riothero: not to rain on your parade, but the "modern s-port-able" loosely-hanging-off-a-clothes-peg-clipped-to-your-ear and the full earcup "dj-style" headsets just don't compare. And IME magnets don't break, it's the wires and plasticky bits. So the magnets may as well be made from unobtainium + battleship armor alloy, who cares. The "gamer" set for $20 in the other post looks like a better deal, though.


@rootatlocalhost: He's just saying, for pure sound quality, KSC 75's are better. The stuff about titanium coated drivers isn't meant to prove how durable they are, rather, it shows the cause for a unique sound signature.

Also, IIRC, Koss has a free lifetime warranty.

Go on head-fi and look up the KSC 75's, it's hard to find a bad review

And lastly, for $20, I'd recommend a refurb set of sennheiser hd419's.


@rootatlocalhost: As mentioned, the titanium coating isn't for durability it gives the Koss headphones much clearer and sparkly highs without being harsh. The rare earth magnets allow them to get lower and more quality bass response and still be small. You can compare the frequency response, the Koss set is better on the high and low end. The $15 Koss headphones are commonly compared to $50-60 sets where the $20 retail Senn's are compared to $20 sets. Also they are made in America and have a lifetime warranty.


lol, "Without being harsh" regarding the KSC75...

Can you say ssssssssssssssibilance? Yes, they're excellent when equalized to bring down the ridiculous treble peak and perhaps up the low bass. But unequalized? Give me a break... They're detailed, but almost unlistenable.

That said, when equalized they've completely replaced my Alessandro MS-1i for portable use, and I don't really see any need to fill the gap in performance between them and my Sennheiser HD 600 and modded Fostex T50RP.

As far as the Neodymium magnets and titanium coated diaphragms... It's all about the design; the materials are just one contributing aspect and their presence does not indicate quality. It's almost certain that the primary reason the KSC75 is so much better than the HD 201 (or so I hear as I've never heard the HD 201) is poor damping of the closed-back HD 201.


@blackbeardben: pretty sure this went over the average wooter's head :P


@blackbeardben: @blackbeardben: @blackbeardben: "It's almost certain that the primary reason the KSC75 is so much better than the HD 201" lol that is the entire point. I'm glad someone else could make it for me. I'm not arguing these things are god sends or the best, only that the koss are MUCH better then the 201's. THAT, isn't even an opinion you can place each of them on your skull and listen. You even admitted you use them, how do you like the 201?? They are NOT the end all by any means, only a better option. I'm just trying to help someone save a few dollars.


@legendaryhen: I know it's woot but I look for value per dollar vs. bottom line. Appreciate your insight but, they don't get it.