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I purchased a refurbished PureGuardian R3010 humidifier (different model) last April. Tested it out when I received it and put it away until the winter. After a few days of use, the tank leaked all over the shelf it was sitting on, and of course the 30-day refurb warranty is expired.

Aside from the leaking tank, I liked the humidifier. I switched from a Vicks cool mist humidifier I purchased at Walmart that required daily cleaning and always had yellow slime forming inside the tank. In the week I used the PureGuardian (I placed it on a drain tray for a while but the tray started to sag and collect water) I didn't notice any mold or slime buildup.

I would also be more comfortable with this one, as it is new with a 3-year warranty, but I will probably end up just spending the $10 + $4.99 shipping to buy a replacement tank for my current one.


Be warned : if you have hard water you'll need to clean the ultrasonic disc often. (My water is so hard I had to give up on the ultrasonic humidifiers.)


@jackjfg: We have very hard water. I need to descale the glass dutch oven I was simmering on the stove as a primitive vaporizer when I was trying to get over a sinus infection last week. It's white with gunk (lime? salt? whatever.) I am waiting for the comments to come in on this device, I am thinking about getting it but I expect I'd have to used distilled water for it. Distilled will work, yes? I know it has some odd properties.

I looked at the site but I am unsure what direction the mist comes out. Anybody know?


@moondrake: the mist comes out of the white disc on the top which can be turned 360 degrees.