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The Evolv line tends to be made in Taiwan or China. Please do not support Craftsman's manufacturing outsourcing and be certain of where it's made before purchasing.


Picked one of these up last time around. It was a bit banged up in shipping but 5 minutes with a screw driver and a hammer everything was straightened out. You get what you pay for, I wanted a simple cheap toolbox for the few mechanics tools I keep around and that is exactly what I got.

It is fairly thin metal, and the rails are just friction sliders with grease. No bearings so they wont take a ton of weight. Again, cheap simple toolbox. Know what you are buying and choose accordingly.


@jordanrinke: +1.
I bought this over a year ago from Kmart for a few dollars more than this sale.
I knew what I was getting and very, very satisfied with it. Works great for the average guy that does not need the quality and price of pro storage equipment.
I'm almost thinking of getting another from this sale to get more stuff organized.

As far as it not being made in USA, if you're going to tell me not to buy this, then also tell me where I can buy the same thing that is made in USA.

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