deals2 set: aa/aaa battery charger + 8 rechargeable…


What is the consensus of you Wooters concerning these batteries?


First of all, the JustDeals website seems to be hosed. Every time I click on "view more" it flips me back to the listing for an android netbook, instead of the battery deal.

IMHO the best and only reliable NiMH cells are the Eneloop line made by Sanyo. All others are a crapshoot to some extent. Given that these are "no name" cells, I personally would not waste my money on them.

Also: is it a smart charger? Can it do a "refresh" cycle (discharge, charge, .... etc. until the cells reach maximum capacity)? Or is it just a "brute force" dumb charger that will leave you with unknown charge levels and will shorten the life of the cells? Can it charge just one cell, or three, or can it charge only pairs? Given that there are NO specs about the charger, I wouldn't waste my money on that, either.