dealsthe witcher 2: assassins of kings enhanced…


Would you recommend this to someone who just couldn't stay interested in the original? I found the click-click-click fighting clunky, the potion system more trouble than it needed to be, and the game itself just to be "slow"--not story pacing, but gameplay.


got it last month or so at BestBuy for $10


Totally recommend, especially when compared to the first. The first one was good, in a way, but it took time and it was dull throughout a good deal of the game. HOWEVER, the story doesn't tie in AT ALL. Gameplay is completely revamped. The only thing that transfers are weapons (obsolete quickly), some choices of who lives/dies at the end of the first one (and you never meet them anyway) and knowledge of the setting and Geralt's personality.
In other words, if you've never even heard of the Witcher 1, you aren't any worse off.


@psycher1: Huh, well, maybe this is one I do need to grab. The first one to me felt like it really couldn't decide between being Oblivion or Baldur's Gate.


Good price, but I see that Amazon has it for the same amount, and for most Prime members, that means a bit less with no sales tax to pay.

Still upvoted. Good deal for those who don't want to wait or don't have Amazon Prime.


no deal. got it for $9.99 back in september as their deal of the day.