dealsnewegg $10 off select pc game pre-orders.


thanks! just preordered sc2 heart of the swarm. for the record, if anyone is doing the same, i recommend preordering on amazon first, then canceling, and finally ordering it on newegg for $10 off. amazon gives a free beta key for all preorders, and doesn't revoke them upon cancellation!


Just used it to get $10 off SC2: HoTS. Thank you!


Be aware that Newegg is selling the preorder of Sims 3: University for $50. Sims expansions are $40 (which is what Amazon is selling this for).

I would double check any preorder prices against Amazon and make sure Newegg isn't trying to pull one over you.


The selection is ridiculously small compared to the last time they did this sadly. Still good for HotS I guess.


Thanks - I also just used this for SC HotS. Since Blizzard expansions always run 39.99 at release its a pretty good deal


Did anyone else have trouble opening the link?

I can use the code for startcraft 2 HOTS,
but I wanted to know what else qualifies for this code


Crysis 3, SimCity, Dead Space 3, and Bioshock Infinite are the other few of note. All PC only. Couldn't say I'd want to support a couple of those though.


FYI, preorders of Crysis 3 at Amazon will get you a $20 Amazon credit, the Amazon exclusive Brawler Pack, and free download of the original Crysis. Applies to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC preorders (excluding the PC download version).


$10 off for a new $50-60 title isn't really a great deal. But the $20-25 off deals from last fall may not reappear, so if you missed out, I guess this isn't a bad time to order. I'm looking forward to Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite myself.


@minvikes27: Not sure why this comment is getting so many downvotes - it IS the easiest way to get beta access...