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there's been much talk of Monoprice on the shirt.woot artist resources section


Here's a glowing review:

Compares it to Yiynova and Wacom products, though the comments are mixed - some are having serious problems getting it to work. Still, the OP/artist says it's replaced his Cintiq and Intuos.


if It doesn't work with a Mac or PC Windows OSE, what kind of computer does it work with?


Nice little tablet for the semi-serious drawer/photo editor. Strangely, though I've ordered from Monoprice in the past, I keep forgetting they offer some pretty terrific deals.

maigemdesign- it does work with Windows, OSX & I believe Linux. Only the extra software applications that come on the CD don't work with some of the newer OS's.

Link to the latest drivers:


I've had this tablet for about a year now. It works great actually. The pen does require a battery unlike my wacom bamboo, but the added weight feels good sometimes when doing freehand sketching. I have W7 64 bit and it works with GIMP just fine. The extra software that comes with it does not work though but really, the extra software wasn't something I was going to use anyway.

If you are thinking about getting a tablet but don't want to spend the big bucks for a wacom, I'd say this is a very acceptable alternative.


Great tablet. I have a very similar one that I picked up for $36 as a refurb.

I admit that I can't draw at all, but I got this as a cool little toy and to try to teach myself how to draw. I have it running with Windows 7 64bit and it works great. It feels accurate, consistent, and the different levels of pressure work well too. I couldn't justify buying a Wacom as a toy, but this was hard to pass up and works a lot better than just a toy.


but does this tablet play angry birds


@realistpm: Yes, on Google app world.

I have the 10x12 version of this, it works a treat. Highly recommended. Get one and commence derbying.
Also, it's a good idea to pick up some extra nibs at the same time. The kit comes with a few, but a 10-pack is available also, as well as a new pen, which is much sturdier than the pack-in:
Replacement Parts

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If I had any artistic ability I would be all over this deal. Too bad I have the drawing ability of a mentally damaged baboon.


Just started drawing and my focus has been extraterrestrial lifeforms. Can this tablet handle female aliens with three boobs? Cause that's what I'm in to.


I bought this a while back at full price. The line quality is pretty nice. I'm using it with Ubuntu and unfortunately after you draw a line you have to lift the pen about a foot away from the tablet before it will start tracking the cursor's movement. There aren't a lot of resources on how to tweak the sensitive/software on Linux with this one, so buyer beware. All accounts I've found suggest it works smashing on Windows.


just picked one up for the art teacher wife and the budding artist in myself.

if i recall, it can totally handle it.


can this work as a editing tool for photoshop?


I had to bite on this deal. I've been shopping around for a graphics tablet, and the Intuos 5 medium is almost $400 and people have complained of compatibility and glitches. Even a used Intuos 4 will set you back a few hundred on eBay. For $50, if this works as well as many reviews have claimed, you can't beat this deal.


@gaffos: That's mostly what it's used for.
I have tested and found it to work and have pressure sensitivity with: Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, GIMP, Inkscape prior to 0.48 (pressure is there, it just goes all wonky, so has to be disabled for the tablet to work), and MS Expression Design 4.

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@joeyvankuiken: The $39 price is about $10 off the full price, so think of it as a "free shipping" coupon. Since I'm in California, they'll ship it to me overnight for $5.62. Amazon is selling the same thing for $59.99 with free Amazon Prime shipping, so you could always get it there with free shipping if you don't like this price.

Pick up some cheap (yet still good quality) monoprice cables while you're there and the shipping price won't seem so bad. If you need cables, buying a couple USB (or network, HDMI, etc) cables at Monoprice instead of Best Buy or Radio Shack can save you more than the $9 shipping price for the entire order.


I had one of these for a while, I used it to annotate PDF articles. It was fantastic for that, and obviously the plus side is that you have everything on a HD rather than binders of articles with notes on them.

Also works great in photoshop. Unfortunately, mine stopped working about a year after I got it, but to be fair I think it fell on the floor and I stepped on it. I'd get another in a heartbeat (but don't need it right now)


Thanks, got two for the kids along with some extra tips and Cat5e cables. I've been wanting to buy one of these for awhile and this price just pushed me over the edge. ;-)


I've had no luck with monoprice. When the hub I bought didn't work, their returns department asked me if I plugged in more than one thing at a time as a reason why the hub didn't work.????
I bought a USB sync cord from them that broke the first time I used it. The casing on the part that fits in my laptop fell off.
I don't have much confidence in monoprice.


i'm seeing the full price, even in the last step of checkout. expired discount?


@therainman987: Still reads $39.68 for me. There are 2 prices listed "Our Price" which is $49.60 and then "Discounted Price" which is $39.68. At checkout is lists Price as $49.60 and then Discount as -$9.92 for a total of #39.68.

Is it possible that you are reading the full price column and missing the discount columns?