deals60% off pattern welded 9” outdoorsman knife with…


Made by the same company as the other cheaply-made Damascus knives. Anyone who isn't aware of those "deals" must be new. Might be nice to look at, but its too low in price for the quality blade you may be looking for.
Buyer beware. You get what you pay for.


@angelwing: Not sure who is expecting a high quality knife for $25.


@angelwing: A lot of the people claiming to be "aware" have no idea what they're talking about. I don't own this particular blade but I do own several other KnifeCo blades and for the price they are very fine. 1095 high carbon and 15N20 high nickel steel in a pattern welded (Damascus) blade with Rockwell hardness from 56-58c. Holds an edge very well. For the money, it is a deal. Not a colllector's blade, no. But not a collector's blade price either. I have zero idea why a few Wooters continue to spout off about these knives when all they're doing is repeating the ignorance of others with no first hand knowledge of their own with any knife in the line.

High res photos of the KnifeCo blades I own here: