dealsfree in-flight wi-fi access on delta airlines


Which this went on through January for my flight halfway round the world.


Third Way: Open Private browsing in your web browser of choice and surf till it kicks you off. When it does, close the Private Window and then Open a new one. Repeat as needed


30 minutes of wooting!

and email...


Can you use the free Ebay access to sell the extra large crap your seatmates stuff under the seat in front of your feet so they don't have to pay for it to be checked?


This has been going on for a year. I've flown Delta twice in the past year and had the free WiFi.


This wifi access uses cookies to track your usage. If your wifi connection times out, first disconnect from GoGo, clear your browser history and cookies, and then reconnect (if possible open a different browser).
I was connected for free for the majority of a three and a half hour fight.