deals15' trampoline combo - sam's club for $279.88


Right across the bow, er, eye center & pharmacy...


Well, played @samsclub, well played indeed.


Babies bounce very well, just not on pavement. This will help.


Be careful of cheap tramps! If you want a safe and durable trampoline then buy a quality one. (Cheap trampolines begin to break-down within months and use small diameter, short springs that make for a harsh, unforgiving bounce that causes needless injuries. Parents should not buy discount trampolines for their children.) I bought a Jumpsport 3 years ago and it has weathered hordes of teenage boys, is still going strong and has terrific bounce.


@studentmom: "Be careful of cheap tramps!" My mom used to say the same thing.


I actually bought one of these trampolines without the safety netting a few years ago from Sam's club. So far I've been fairly pleased with it. I bought a cheaper one from Wal-Mart a few years before for about $140 and it started to warp. It only had six sets of legs (or three bows), but the Sam's trampoline has eight sets of legs (four bows) and is still going strong. I jump on it myself and weight almost 200 pounds. It's also light enough to move around by myself when I mow the yard.