dealsstylish fake mustache for $1.79 + free shipping


These are great. bought them for the kid awhile ago. They have a very thin layer of sticky that easily gets dirty or damaged. More like a one time use thing.


There are great. bought them for my office awhile ago. They are definitely one-time use, but absolutely worth $1.79 to see my random coworkers answering phones in recockulous mustaches. Not to mention the awesome pics now on FB.


Bought several packs of these to use as a prop in a photo booth at my wedding. Rather than spending money on a mustache on a stick (the common prop used in photo booths), these were much easier for everyone to use. Plus, people could wear them around during the reception for silly photo ops that were not limited to the photo booth.


For all of you who didn't start your March Mustache 28 days ago! My furry caterpillar is happy where it's at.


Thanks! I've always wanted a Handlebar Mustache!


I'm pretty sure by the time I recieve these from Meritline I would already had the time to grow my own mustache.

Although, Meritline is sweet, shipping can take a while.


Out of stock?! Nooooooo!!!!!!


@kbennis: Thanks for the idea. Totally stealing it.