dealswd my book essential 3tb external usb 3.02.0 hard…


not my book but other 3tb are selling for 119.00 external and internal are 109.00


@mortiki: A Seagate drive is an acceptable alternative only if you don't care about the data that you put on it - but then why bother buying such a drive at all? WD might not be the best drive ever made, but it is easily superior to Seagate.


@lparsons42: Absolutely. I stopped using Seagate after 3 straight died prematurely. I've heard their high end models are fine - but Western Digitals are reliable if not blazing fast in their low end models - and for backup, reliability is key.


It is $114.99 at Target online.


i own this and must say it is very nice. It is quiet and easy to use. my only regret is that i will never use all the space and 1TB would be pleanty.


Cheaper at Amazon ($119), with free shipping, and Prime eligible if that's your persuasion.

Oh and it's the same product number - I checked (WDBACW0030HBK-NESN)