dealsnickent 4dx evolver driver (with wrench…


This is one of the first interchangable shaft driver in the market and was selling for almost $500 when it was first released. I checked with them to confirm that the wrench and matching manufacturer's head cover are indeed included.


@k0nn1c1w4: Pardon if I am assuming too much about your golf knowledge but I'm using a driver from the 70's and am looking to upgrade, you think any idiot can use this or should I go to a pro shop and actually try something out.


@robbiegsic: I think that if you went with the 10.5 loft and the regular flex shaft that this driver would be a good upgrade.


From what I have read, this is a very solid driver for all skill levels. Added bonus is that you can adjust the face to reduce a slice or hook pretty easily. If you are an average sized male with an average swing, then I agree with thefenst. Get 10.5 with a regular flex shaft. If you have a slower than average swing, then the 12.5 might be appropriate. But I'm guessing the 10.5 will work. Regardless, this will be a million times better than your old driver.

Of course, getting fitted for clubs is always the best option. But that costs $$$.

$59 for this driver is an insane price. If I wasn't already broke then I'd be game.


@robbiegsic: I am not a certified professional, but I do enjoy the game of golf. This driver is a great upgrade from those released in the 70's. Several reasons you can consider are stability, forgiveness, and material.

On stability side, this driver has a high MOI (Moment of Inertia), which contributes to how much the driver can resist from twisting, especially during off center hits. This yields more straight shots with longer distance. The size of this driver is 454cc which is larger than most drivers released back then, which was around 360cc. The size contributes to a larger sweet spot, thus more forgiveness. Casting process has also been improving, resulting in better materials.

There are many other aspects of this driver such as the weight ports on the back, less drag, aerodynamic, etc. Overall, this is a driver worth of a $500 purchase.

I have seen many of my friends improved their game immediately after using a new driver. Same efforts with better results. Hope it helps.