dealscommunity: season 1 on dvd for $14.99


If you don't own season 1, then you're streets behind.


Same price on Amazon with lower required price for free shipping:

Great show. Great cast. Great season. Good features (commentary, outtakes, etc.) Good price.


@rsmoker: just about to post this. nice catch. in for 1 via amazon w/free ship.


If you've never seen it, then chang something new. Er, I mean, make a chang in your life. No, how about chang it up!

Oh, I suck trying to work Senor Chang's name into things.


@rsmoker: great find. Everyone go to Amazon instead!!


Glad to see so many other fellow Community lovers. Surprisingly funny series. I disliked Joel McHale before seeing him in this show. He is so perfectly cast for the role of Jeff and is surprisingly charismatic.

Favorite scene:

"Then you give him the Forest Whitaker eye."


This is definitely the best (relatively) new show out right now.


Not a bad price at all. Amazon had it for $12 during the holidays but this is still a good price for all the content you get with this set. Hell, $30 would still be a great price for this set.