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The Kidde brand is good, but I'm gonna go ahead and wait for the Adultte brand to go on sale.


In all seriousness, a CO detector is a must in any house with any gas-burning appliances.

And even in some that don't have any: my first apartment in college had all electric (stove, hot water heater, washer/dryer). My girlfriend at the time and I both started getting really sick to our stomachs, with headaches and nausea and just generally feeling like we had the flu. Then I'd go to class and feel better. I'd come home and it'd get worse.
My mother suggested getting a CO detector even though we didn't have any appliances that burned gas. I grabbed a cheapie one and set it up and then left for school. I came back because our landlord called -- apparently the thing had been going off nonstop. We told him it was the CO detector; firemen came with SCBA and took readings inside and it was something like 8 or 900, which is "(profanity) you up" concentrations. Apparently, the central water heater is gas-fired and something had died in its exhaust vent, which was located right outside our window.