dealszmodo 16 channel surveillance system with 1tb dvr…


wow, if I had a mansion like grace-land I might need this

Im thinking anyone who needs this has a security crew that rips him off left right and center so he wont be on woot

I might be wrong lol


Advantage over the one sold on the main Woot site today: 16 channels and the hard drive is included.

Neutral: Both sets include 8 cameras.

Disadvantage: Price. This one costs $150 more.


@fit410s: I disagree, as a college kid I could use a setup like this, especially for our party house. People get robbed all the time and it is especially prevalent in college communities because they generally have high valuable items that are easy to transport (laptops, mp3 players, xbox, stereos, etc) so they are high priority target for thieves. Having a system like this can be a deterrent and it can also help in recovery if something does happen, and this is rather affordable for an all weather setup with a 1tb drive and 8 cameras.


My mom is considering getting this because someone ripped out all the flowers she was trying to grow in front of the house. She was pissed.

So, should she get the woot and moofi sets if she wants to take advantage of all 16 channels or is it cheaper to find 8 other cameras elsewhere?



I bought this system without the hard drive here at Moofi for $249.99. $70 more for a 1T drive is a good deal.
I tested out the system and it works well.


I wish I had a use for this so I could have an excuse to buy it.


You get trophies for last place?


the email lists this item as $169.99 but the price suddenly changed on the website to $319.99. very strange.


@gbrunner321: just realized my own mistake lol The $169.99 is the 8 camera one over on regular woot. OOPS!


@sykotek: $22/camera for the one on the main site ... that's as cheap as it's going to get for the cameras, y'know.

If you don't mind multiple units AND you have extra hard drives, getting multiples of the 8ch works out to be a better deal IMHO.


Low-resolution CIF recording format. Avoid unless you're just playing with it as a toy.


I bought this exact system from woot a while back. It is an Awesome system and for the price the cameras are very clear, however, they say that the cameras are weatherproof and they are not. after the first day in the rain all my cameras that I had in use (4) developed moisture in them obstructing the lens and screwing up the view. luckily this was an 8 camera system and I looked at the new cameras and found that the point where the wire attaches to the camera is a weak point and certainly where the water was getting in. I just wiped a small amount of silicone completely around the wire and let it dry before I put them in use. I just swapped out the 4 extras and I was good to go! They have been outside for over a month and work perfectly now. As for the cameras with the moisture in them, I unscrewed the front of the camera off, wiped the moisture out and left them open in a dry place for a while. They are now ready to be used again (after siliconing, of course). Hope this helps!


The cameras are "weatherproofed" by having a rubber ring gasket on the seal and by also having a dessicant packet inserted into the housing. These are not really "weatherproofed" as you might think.


I bought this system and only had 1 camera go bad. All the others have been doing great. It's been up for more than a year now. You can invest a little more and get better cameras which I did and I'd highly recommend. You can see a difference in the higher quality night cameras. Then utilize the lower quality night cameras in close-up locations. I was very impressed with this system. It has came in useful on several occasions. You'd be surprised how many cameras you wish you could install after you get the system up so I'd recommend at least an 8 channel. You don't have to put them all outside. The people that I know that have the 4 channel have said they wish they had bought my 16 channel.